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Hola Friends!

We're Vallari & Rishabh


We grew up in Delhi but suprisingly stumbled across each other in the midst of dhauladhar range in 2012.

We used to go out on dates, run errands and  finish our assignments together. 
We were in completely different trades yet we 
managed to work for hours together. 
I always complained why i can’t be in my pyjama all day! 
I didn’t really know where to buy pyjama’s from so we made one for me and little did we know this was going to be something. 

2 (1).JPG

All things were hunky-dory untill our college 
graduation in 2016. I had to finish uni in Italy and Rishabh started working in a buying house in Delhi.

We were living in different time zones but still 
managed to Skype each other every night religiously. Night time was our time and I would wear the cutest pajamas just to Skype Rishabh. This was just the beginning of my obsession with pajamas. 

2019 Rishabh left his Job. I moved back to Delhi.
We created NOCHEÉ VIDA!

We are inspired to make magistic, flattering and comfortably comfy comfort comfafuma pyjama’s.
Specially for your leisure hours. Our prints are 
exclusive and are synonymous with the brand. We are always looking for something new and exciting.


We are completely uncompromising in the quality of fabric, seams, trims, packaging and services. We have a diverse range of plush fabrics like linen, cotton, terry, mulberry silk and velour for all types of weather conditions.


If you have made it here, Thank you for your support!




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